Hot Stuff!



We spent Easter at my sister’s house.  Jodi  gave me an induction cookplate as a belated birthday gift.  Actually, she gave it to her mother-in-law for Christmas, and when her MIL hadn’t used it after several months she took it back and gave it to me, cause that’s how we roll in my family.  Regifting, you betcha!  (It also eliminates some of the guilt on my part since I’m pretty sure I didn’t give her a gift for her birthday.)

Jodi had bought an induction cooker for herself, and loved it so much, she wants everyone to have one.  She sounded like an infomercial as she explained all the great features.  It boils water almost instantly!  Its safer, the cook top doesn’t get hot.  It shuts off if you take the pan off! Clean up is a breeze!  She wasn’t shouting as loud as the Sham-Wow guy, but she was definitely talking as fast as the Magic Bullet folks. 

We left her house around 6 pm for the 2 hour drive back home.  I think 8 a.m. the next morning I got an email from her asking if I had used it yet.  She was bursting with excitement on my behalf.  “Go cook yourself and egg,” she pleaded. 

I had not used it yet.  I was frantically trying to get my house to the point of being “clean enough” to host Bunco the following day.  Nothing like trying to clean the house when the kids have been off school for 5 days with the bonus of them hyped up on extra holiday sugar.  I bribed them with the remaining Jelly Belly jelly beans (the Sam’s Club size container) to help pick up the house and stow all the detritus that had accumulated on every horizontal surface.  So for a “baja margarita” flavored jelly bean my new cooking system got demoted to basement status.  But it couldn’t stay there long, because I knew if I didn’t try it soon and report back, my sister would take it back and gift it to someone else. 

As a side note, my kids invented a new jelly bean game, jelly bean roulette.  Josie had some Bertie Bot’s Every Flavor Beans left over from her Christmas stocking.  It’s played like this:  While the other person isn’t looking, you replace one of their regular beans with a particularly dreadful flavor of Bertie’s beans.  Then you take turns eating the beans.  Zach, if you recall he’s my picky eater, claims the earwax isn’t that bad.  Josie managed to eat the vomit.  A.J. got greedy and tossed a bunch of jelly beans in his mouth at once, and was unable to stomach the mixture of fruit and earthworm.  I’m not really sure how you win this game, but it was pretty amusing to watch. 

So the house got picked up a la jelly bean method, and I started in on the food.  I always make way too much food for Bunco.  I can’t resist.  It’s my chance to make “grown up” foods.  The kind of foods my children classify as “yucky stuff”.  I started with dessert first, of course.  A girl must have her priorities.  I made an amazing blackberry lemon triffle.  Image

It had layers of lemon angel food cake and greek yogurt, it was light and fluffy, the perfect combination of sweet and tart.  It tasted like springtime to me.  Mmmm. 



Can’t you just feel those berries bursting in your mouth?


Of course, there was one problem with this dessert.  It has a decided lack of chocolate in it.  Not that it needed chocolate.  You wouldn’t want it in there.  But you wouldn’t want to host Bunco without some chocolate on the menu either.  So I made a second dessert.  I made brownie bites, and I was going to frost them with this amazing nutella buttercream.  This is, honest to goodness the best frosting on the planet.  I got the recipe from the cake merchant Image

This is her photo, with that amazing frosting on chocolate cupcakes. 

But I didn’t quite get that far.  The realities of the space-time continuum caught up with me once again.  So the brownie bites were served unfrosted.  And they were pretty darn good that way too. 

Now that the kids are back in school (but there’s only 26 days left until summer vacation, and it snowed again today) and the Bunco frenzy is in the past, I can familiarize myself with my new induction cooker.  And Jodi is right, it does boil water quickly. 


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